Thilo Veenema

Thilo Veenema


Target Group

Executives / Senior Management


Main Focus for Individual Coaching

Positioning (Personal Brand) & Career Development


Performance Management

Sales Coaching

Crisis Management

Development Paths

Main Focus for Team Coaching/Building

Team Development


My Approach to Coaching

I have spent 15 years working as a manager and executive in various organizations, mainly in the telecommunications industry. This first-hand experience in various functions, from M&A and VP Marketing to being the CEO of an NGO, helps me identify and understand the coachee’s problems.

Since I have also worked in small start-ups that did not manage to meet the expectations of their investors, I am familiar with the experiences of failure and recovery. It is this fighting spirit and the broadening of perspective that I would like to stimulate in my coachees’ perception of their individual situations. Inspiration and enjoyment are the keys to positive development and I try to make them central elements of my coaching.