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Clemens Brandstetter

Ex-Manager – Entrepreneur – Change Maker
Whether classical lectures, inspiring KeyNotes, panel discussions or moderation of an event, inspiration, activation and interaction with the participants always take priority. The subject and the participants are the plot for the hero’s journey. It is always about (personal) stories from one’s own life and professional activity. About learning from mistakes and one’s own failures. Messages in the sense of “How to do” and the “101 of success” are not very effective and even contradictory.
It is all about staging the perception of familiar and new “worlds” from different perspectives as a possible process of experience and knowledge. My own experiences in industry and management as well as my entrepreneurial activities are the offer and the vehicle.
Current topics
Agility and Leadership in the VUCA-world – Understanding and Applying Digitalisation away from the hype – Transformation: from strategy to implementation – New Work and the „luck of work“ – Public Leadership – Providing orientation inwards and being the brand in the political and societal positioning in outward communication

Karin Glattes

Customer Inspirer – Fan of Practice – Source for Inspiration – Sensemaker
When I’m on stage, it’s to make sense. To take people along with heart and soul. On exciting journeys, outside the box, to other industries. To use analogies, to make you ready for something new. With practical examples instead of scientific models. To make a difference. To move people to make a difference. To encourage them to have a go at something new.
Current topics
Psychology of Digitalisation – Leadership in digital times – Developing ideas methodically – Customer-oriented from mindset to prototype – Results through experience – Customer Experience and Service Design as strategic competitive factors – Transformation from a human point of view – Is everything agile or what? Between evergreens and New-Work-hype.





Bernward Mönch

Entrepreneur – Business Coach – Moderator
The focus is not on the lecture, but on the experience. This is the only way to anchor data and facts and motivate people in the long term. Whether corporate culture and development or the transfer of know-how, enthusiasm is needed for everything. Key notes, moderation of major events, leading panel discussions and inspiring motivational events are integral parts of my portfolio.
The world of tomorrow – Appreciation as a lever for success – Digital Leaders and Digital Leadership – Evergreens of leadership – Agility in companies.