Indra Kiani

Indra Kiani

Senior Consultant

Target Group

Executives / Senior Management

Women in Executive Positions

Main Focus for Individual Coaching

Positioning (Personal Brand) & Career Development


Performance Management

Sales Coaching


Work and Impact as a Manager

Self Management

Crisis Management

Development Paths

Main Focus for Team Coaching/Building

Conflict Management / Feedback Culture

Intercultural Competence

Team Development

Communication & Collaboration


Clarification of Roles

Conflict Mediation

My Approach to Coaching

For more than 10 years I have accompanied transformation processes in Sales & Service in various industries. I am particularly interested in the dismantling of psychological hurdles and new forms of cooperation in digital change processes, such as new software introductions.

My passion is to focus firmly on things that enable people to consistently pursue and achieve their goals.

To me, it is important for the success of my work to shake people up, to show them alternative ways and at the same time convey security in complicated situations. In order for this to succeed, I place importance on an honest and good relationship with my coachees. My appreciative attitude towards people and situations, as well as my courage to deal with things in a disruptive manner are what distinguish me in a collaboration.